Dysorthographia is a condition that affects the ability to acquire spelling skills.Dysorthographics  have problems with visual memory recall of words.
Dysorthographia characterized by an important and durable defect of assimilation of grammatical rules (deterioration of the spontaneous writing or under dictation).Symptoms of Dysorthographia in varied proportions:
·         A slowness, hesitations and a poverty of the writing
·         Grammar, conjugation, spelling mistakes
·         Difficulties with writing similar to the dyslexic
·         Copy errors and arbitrary cuts of words
·         Savings in syllables, omissions and merged words .
This disorder often follows upon a Dyslexia but this is not systematic. It can be developmental (congenital) or acquired (following a lesion of the nervous system). In this last case, the term Aagraphia is often used.