Welcome To The Raviv Method Website

The Raviv Method is quickly becoming known as one of the most exciting novel neuro-cognitive approaches to developing and correcting learning and attention skills, in both children and adults.
While many approaches to learning difficulties mostly provide ways of working around the problems, the Raviv Method develops new neural- circuits that enable natural and efficient learning . Consequently, improvement continues after the completion of the program and benefits will often appear in other areas of life.

We offer seven key programs:

Overcoming Learning Difficulties


Research using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scans has shown that people with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, use different neural pathways from people who learn more easily. This occurs because they are expected to learn before certain key stages of neural development have taken place.…read more

Pre-School Learning


This program is specifically designed to prepare the brain for learning. It is geared toward children in nursery and in the early years of schooling. Research in brain development has highlighted some new discoveries, which emphasise the fact that the faculties of learning and attention, and the ability to express our intelligence …read more

Academic Excellence

Worthy to know: Learning is an expression of very complex neurological ability. Many students do not express their full intelligent potential as they never learned to do this. We were never taught how to learn. Traditional education was never planned as a program to prepare the brain for learning. …read more

Attention Deficit Disorder - A.D.(H).D.

Attention Disorders are disorders of the central nervous system, which cause difficulties in attention and concentration, learning and memory, as well as hardships in personal and professional relationships…read more

Practitioner Training Courses

Professionals and Specialists in Healthcare, Learning Disabilities, Special Education Needs and Teaching currently work with the Raviv Method, as do private practitioners, psychologists and therapists from a range of disciplines. You do not need any former experience with education, learning disabilities or ADD….read more

Memory Longevity

Memory disturbances are an annoying factor for a significant number of aging people. All of us experience moments of a weakening memory and episodic forgetfulness of names and telephone numbers, but in our fifties and sixties these phenomena begin to bother and are liable to harm our daily functioning. …read more

Athletic Excellence

The Raviv program for excellence in sports is an advanced program that improves skills, high concentration, strong attention, multi tasking and stress control. Our program enables athletes to achieve optimal mental regulation and realize their personal potential to the maximum using various tools. The Raviv program is suitable for groups and individuals in all fields of sport…read more